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The Dept. of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) is the host department for the MEST programme. All MEST students are enrolled at the D-ITET and all administration for the MEST programme is carried out there. Students have to hand in tutor agreements and internship confirmations to the D-ITET Student Office where they also will get confirmation of studies, transcripts of records and more.

The MEST Programme Director Prof. Christian Franck is responsible for the scientific content of the programme and is the head of the admissions committee.

The Executive Director of the Energy Science Center (ESC) Christian Schaffner is responsible for coordinating the MEST programme.

The D-ITET Coordinator of Studies Reto Kreuzer is responsible for all administrative matters regarding the MEST programme.


The courses on offer and Professors who act as tutors, of which there are more than 40, come from ten departments at ETH Zurich, making the MEST an interdepartmental programme.

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