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MEST is a full-time study programme for 3 to 4 semesters. The programme consists of four core courses, several electives and multidisciplinary courses, a semester project, an internship in industry and a final Master's Thesis. All the courses and the semester project are usually completed in two semesters. The internship and the Master’s Thesis usually take an additional six months (full-time) each. At least 90 credit points ECTS must be acquired (one credit point corresponds to 25-30 hours of work).

All the courses taught on the MEST programme are in English.

Most of the examinations take place in January/February and in August (between semesters).

Each student can shape his or her own individual curriculum by choosing from a wide variety of courses on offer at ETH Zurich. This is done in conjunction 
with a selected tutor (a professor of ETH Zurich in the field of energy science, see list of tutors) who must approve the course selection within four weeks of commencement of the first semester.


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