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Who can apply?

MEST strives to accept students from diverse backgrounds, but it is mainly those students holding a Bachelor degree in engineering or natural sciences with a strong academic performance from a nationally or internationally reputed university who have a good chance of being admitted to the course. To be considered, the candidate's Bachelor degree should comprise the following courses (although a deviation of up to 6 ECTS credit points is allowed):

  • Mathematics: an equivalent of 26 credit points or more
  • Physics: an equivalent of 10 credit points or more

  • Chemistry: an equivalent of 3 credit points or more

  • Engineering sciences: an equivalent of 24 credit points or more (mechanical/electrical engineering, informatics, systems/control etc.)

  • Economics: an equivalent of 3 credit points or more

Further information about admission prerequisites is available from the ETH Zurich Admissions Office here.

How to apply?

All candidates must submit an application online.
 Each application will be individually evaluated. Occasionally, a successful applicant may be requested by the Admissions Committee to undertake additional courses (up to 60 credit points).

Please refer to the Admissions Office for information about the documents required, the online application process and the deadlines for submitting your application. Full details are available here.

Application schedule

Application for Autumn 2018 - Apply online


  • First period (for students requiring a visa or applying for ESOP):   1 November - 15 December 2017
  • Second period (for Swiss and European students):   1-31 March 2018
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