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These courses offer a variety of topics dealing with energy technology and economics. A minimum of 19 ECTS are covered by the elective courses (averaging 4 semester courses). There are some 50 elective courses in the catalogue to date. 

With the aim to fill the gaps left after undergraduate education, tutors may include bachelor courses within the recommended specialisation courses. The number of ECTS, out of the minimum requirement of 90, which can be obtained by means of bachelor courses, is limited to 6.

Note that some courses might be offered in German and participation for non-German speaking students needs the explicit approval of the teacher.


Course units in Autumn Semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0577-00L An Introduction to Sustainable Development in the Built Environment  G. Habert
151-0123-00L Experimental Methods for Engineers  T. Rösgen,
K. Boulouchos,
D. J. Norris,
H.-M. Prasser
151-0163-00L Nuclear Energy Conversion  H.-M. Prasser
151-0185-00L Radiation Heat Transfer  P. Pozivil
151-0203-00L Turbomachinery Design  R. S. Abhari,
N. Chokani,
B. Ribi
151-0207-00L Theory and Modeling of Reactive Flows  C. E. Frouzakis,
I. Mantzaras
151-0216-00L Wind Energy  N. Chokani
151-0251-00L IC-Engines and Propulsion Systems I  K. Boulouchos,
G. Georges,
P. Kyrtatos
151-0293-00L Combustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials Technology  K. Boulouchos,
F. Ernst,
N. Noiray,
Y. M. Wright
151-0567-00L Engine Systems  C. Onder
151-0569-00L Vehicle Propulsion Systems  C. Onder,
P. Elbert
227-0247-00L Power Electronic Systems I  J. W. Kolar
227-0523-00L Railway Systems I  M. Meyer
227-0526-00L Power System Analysis  G. Hug
227-0731-00L Power Market I - Portfolio and Risk Management  D. Reichelt,
G. A. Koeppel
227-0759-00L International Business Management for Engineers  W. Hofbauer
529-0193-00L Renewable Energy Technologies I  A. Wokaun,
A. Steinfeld

Course units in Spring Semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
101-0206-00L Hydraulic Engineering  R. Boes
101-0588-01L Re-/Source the Built Environment  G. Habert
151-0160-00L Nuclear Energy Systems  H.-M. Prasser,
I. Günther-Leopold,
S. Hirschberg,
W. Hummel,
P. K. Zuidema
151-0204-00L Aerospace Propulsion  R. S. Abhari,
N. Chokani
151-0206-00L Energy Systems and Power Engineering  R. S. Abhari,
A. Steinfeld
151-0211-00L Convective Heat Transport  H. G. Park
151-0214-00L Turbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics  A. Zemp,
R. S. Abhari
151-0254-00L IC-Engines and Propulsion Systems II  C. Barro,
P. Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler,
P. Kyrtatos,
Y. M. Wright
151-0928-00L CO2 Capture and Storage and the Industry of Carbon-Based Resources  M. Mazzotti,
L. Bretschger,
R. Knutti,
C. Müller,
M. Repmann,
T. Schmidt,
D. Sutter
227-0117-00L High Voltage Technology  C. Franck,
U. Straumann
227-0248-00L Power Electronic Systems II  J. W. Kolar
227-0528-00L Power System Dynamics, Control and Operation  G. Hug,
A. Ulbig
227-0529-00L Liberalized Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids  R. Bacher
227-0536-00L Multiphysics Simulations for Power Systems  J. Smajic
227-0537-00L Technology of Electric Power System Components  C. Franck
227-0730-00L Power Market II - Modeling and Strategic Positioning  D. Reichelt,
G. A. Koeppel
363-1031-00L Quantitative Methods in Energy and Environmental Economics  S. Rausch,
A. L. Martinez Cruz
364-0576-00L Advanced Sustainability Economics  L. Bretschger,
A. Vinogradova
529-0191-01L Renewable Energy Technologies II, Energy Storage and Conversion  T. Schmidt
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