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A compulsory 12 week internship in industry (inside or outside Switzerland) must be completed before commencing the Master’s Thesis. It can be undertaken at any time, however it is recommended that students do it as early as possible (even before the first semester).

The main objective of the industrial internship is to bring the student into contact with an industrial professional work environment, with the opportunity to be involved in ongoing projects.

The internship can be carried out either in industry or in a service company. In particular cases requiring special authorisation by the tutor, a research institute may be chosen as a host institution.

This internship is full-time and cannot be combined with classes.

Upon successful completion of the industrial internship, Master students will be awarded 8 credits ECTS.

Internship Process

The student must find their own internship, either by asking any of the programme's tutors, direct inquiry to a company within the field of interest or, occasionally, offers are posted on the MEST Open Internship Positions along with a selection of internship platforms.

MEST requires official confirmation from the employer prior to commencement of the internship stating the nature of work, the duration, and a final assessment of performance (certificate of work).

Students should enrol for a Leave of Absence from the ETH whilst undertaking their internship. This is completed via myStudies by selecting the option 'Apply for leave of absence’ and needs to be done within the usual semester deadlines. Failure to do so will result in being charged fees for the semester. 

MEST also asks for a short (1-2 page A4) report on the experience with the company, written by the student on completion of the internship. This document needs to be handed in to the D-ITET Student Office (ETZ H 85) in order for the internship to be credited.


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