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The tutors on offer to students on the MEST programme are spread across nine different ETH departments reflecting the broad range of study possibilities and specialisms available. All of the tutors, as well as often heading up their own Institute or Laboratory, are also members of the Energy Science Center

Students are invited to select their own tutor: further details can be found on the Role of the Tutor page

Department of Architecture   D-ARCH

Prof. Dr. Jan Carmeliet

Building Physics

Detailed Profile

Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences  D-CHAB

Prof. Dr. Christophe Copéret

Inorganic Chemistry

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt


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Department of Civil, Enviromental and Geomatic Engineering  D-BAUG

Department of Earth Sciences    D-ERDW

Department of Enviromental System Science    D-USYS

Prof. Dr. Anthony Patt

Climate Policy

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Michael Stauffacher

Enviromental Decisions

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wehrli

Aquatic Chemistry

Detailed Profile

Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences  D-GESS

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt

Energy Politics

Detailed Profile

Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering  D-ITET

Prof. Dr. Florian Dörfler

Complex Systems Control

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grossner

Power Semiconductors

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Johann Walter Kolar

Power Electronic Systems

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Ayodhya Nath Tiwari

Thin Films and Photovoltaics

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Department of Management, Techonology and Economics  D-MTEC

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Rausch

Energy Economics

Detailed Profile

Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering D-MAVT

Prof. Dr. Reza S. Abhari

Energy Conversion

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Patrick Jenny

Fluid Dynamics

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Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzotti

Separation Processes

Detailed Profile

Prof. Dr. Horst-Michael Prasser

Nuclear Energy Systems

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