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The Master’s degree programme culminates in
 the Master’s Thesis (6 months full time). The thesis is aimed at enhancing the student's capability to work independently towards the solution of a theoretical or applied engineering or techno-economic problem.

The student discusses the subject of the thesis with their tutor. If approved, the student then elaborates the thesis plan together with their thesis supervisor. All master theses must be supervised by a MEST Professor.

The thesis is a 6-months full-time workload including an oral presentation and a written report (the Master Thesis). It is graded.

Before starting the thesis, it must be registered online via myStudies.

All other components of the Master’s degree programme should be completed before the beginning of the Master’s Thesis.

Upon successful completion of the thesis, students will be awarded 30 credit points ECTS.


How to find a semester project or a master thesis?

Each chair and individual laboratory at ETH offers semester projects and master theses: check their websites and noticeboards for a list of topics. If you follow a course you particularly like, you might ask the professor or the lecturer about their project offer. Your tutor will also be able to help you making the right choice for a semester project or master thesis.

Occasionally, opportunities for a master's thesis are displayed on this site, please see Open Master's Thesis Positions



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