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With the exception of the compulsory courses (17 credit points), topics can be selected freely, subject to approval by the tutor. All courses are in English.

The courses and their credit points are listed in the course catalogue: Autumn Semester 2017   Spring Semester 2017

Compulsory and elective courses must account for 36 credit points. In addition 6 credit points must be obtained from multidisciplinary courses and 2 credit points from courses offered by the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS).

Choosing lectures

Upon admission, each student receives a list of compulsory courses to be completed during their studies. All other courses are agreed during the first discussion with your tutor. You might want to talk also with your colleagues or consider examples of previous students. Once the lectures are decided upon, the online Tutor Agreement can be updated.  

Additional requirements

These are usually courses from various ETH bachelor degree programmes. You might be requested by the admission committee to fulfill additional requirements in order to strengthen your basic knowledge in one of the fields of the MEST. If you receive such additionally required courses, you will have to fulfill more than 90 ECTS in order to receive your master degree.
You would be informed of any additionally required courses together with the letter of admission onto the MEST programme.
They are not part of the tutor agreement.

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