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The Master's degree programme in Energy Science and Technology (MEST) is a tutor driven programme, meaning that each student is supervised by a tutor. New students choose their tutor before the start of the first semester.

The tutor:

  • supports the student in planning their individualised curriculum and completing the Tutor Agreement;
  • supervises the semester project and/or the master thesis;
  • may help the student with questions concerning the industrial internship.

Furthermore, tutors will coach their students throughout the programme, monitoring their progress and, if required, propose any necessary measures to enhance their performance.

Tutor Selection Process

As soon as a place on the MEST programme has been confirmed, each new student is invited to submit the names of three possible tutors in preference order. The student will have made this selection based on the tutors' research and teaching activities, ensuring that there is an overlap of interests.

The list of available tutors can be found on our Tutors page. The student sends their prioritised list of preferred tutors to the Energy Science Center (ESC) who, in turn, contacts the tutors in the prioritised order. If a tutor accepts, the ESC confirms this to the student before the semester starts. In the rare event that none of the three tutors accept, the ESC contacts the student directly to find an alternate tutor.

Once a tutor has been confirmed, the student must contact the tutor prior to the start of the first semester to make an appointment to plan their academic programme with them.

Exceptionally, and with the agreement of both the original tutor and the new one, a student can change their tutor.

If this happens, the student should email Dr. Christian Schaffner (ESC Executive Director) with a Cc to the D-ITET Coordinator of Studies Reto Kreuzer, and update their Tutor Agreement accordingly.  

Additional guidance can be gained from the D-ITET Student Office.

Tutor Agreement

The Tutor Agreement is an individualised study plan, listing the courses (both compulsory and elective) that the student will take during the MEST programme.

MEST students, together with their tutor, need to complete the Tutor Agreement within the first four weeks of the first semester. The Tutor Agreement is updated online via myStudies following these guidelines: MEST myStudies Tutor Agreement (PDF, 1.1 MB)

(Any students who commenced the MEST programme prior to 2016 and submitted a paper Tutor Agreement (PDF, 89 KB) need to continue doing so.)

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